Einladung zur Hochzeit: Hochzeitskarten selber basteln

With whom do you want to spend your big day? The planning of the guest list presents many bridal couples with a real challenge. That the closer family will be there, is usually directly fixed. Things get more difficult with friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. Should only the best friends be present or even more extensive acquaintances? Are only a few selected co-workers invited or even the entire department? An exact planning is important from the beginning.

Write wedding cards: Who do you invite?

Wedding party

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Who you send an invitation to the wedding depends on your personal taste, but also on your individual budget. While a couple celebrates in the circle of the intimate family and with just ten guests, others celebrate this day more or less with all the people who know them better. For most newlyweds the truth will be somewhere in between. To get an idea of who you want to invite, you should first group the people you might invite, using the following scheme:

  • close relatives (eg parents, siblings, grandparents)
  • other relatives (eg cousins, uncles and aunts)
  • distant relatives (eg, great-aunts, -unins, -cousins, -cousins)
  • close friends (with regular contact)
  • extensive acquaintances (good relationship, but more irregular / less frequent contact)
  • other groups of persons (eg work colleagues, club colleagues, friends of sport)

Think about who you would like to have with you at your party. On the other hand, it is less important to whom you should theoretically invite just because it requires social conventions from you or expects your parents.

Tip : Create a preliminary guest list. Include in it who is to receive in any case an invitation to the wedding party. If you are still unsure, mark them with a „Maybe“. This will give you a good basis for calculating all other planning stages of your wedding.

Send wedding invitation on time

Keep in mind that your guests will receive the wedding party invitation early. In general, a lead time of four months is considered appropriate. This ensures that a large part of the invited guests actually has time.

Tip : With the invitation text, you should absolutely set your guests a deadline by which they should have reported to you with an acceptance or rejection. Only then can you estimate the actual number of guests reasonably well and plan your seating arrangement as well as the order of food properly.

The information in the wedding invitation

So that your wedding invitation with your guests does not raise more questions than it answers, you should take depending on the constellation the following contents:

  • Name of the bride and groom
  • Day of the week, date and time
  • Location including address (church and location for the celebration)
  • Dress code (if available)
  • If needed, information on the desired gift (eg gifts of money, wedding table in a particular shop)
  • Appointment and telephone number for the reply or alternatively reply cards
  • at more distant wedding locations information on accommodation options

If you want to make things easier for yourself, add a reply card to each invitation that you can conveniently print online. Your guests can check if and how many people they will attend and send them back.



Creative DIY ideas for the wedding invitation: make wedding cards

Making wedding cards yourself is not difficult at first glance. All you need is a bit heavier paper or construction paper. Thinner paper is printed directly on a printer. You can label construction paper yourself – with a bit of practice you can quickly write a great text on your cards with a calligraphy pen. Now there is the question of the ornament. Here are some ideas for your wedding invitation:

Ornament with elements from the handicraft business

Craft shops offer you a sheer endless variety of crafting utensils, with which you can design your DIY invitation. Suitable for this are, for example:

Utensils for crafting the wedding cards

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  • pearl necklaces
  • silk roses
  • Grinding / Geschenkbänder
  • Dekoklebebänder
  • Motif stickers (eg wedding rings, doves, wedding couple, wedding cake)
  • passe-partout
  • Motivstanzer
  • thread graphics
  • template
  • Hearts made of rhinestonesaus Strasssteinen
  • stamp
  • Spreaders for stickingzum Aufkleben

Your photo in the center of the invitation cardsim Zentrum der Einladungskarten

Wedding invitation as a photo

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Have one or more nice pictures taken of you as a couple . The clou: Hold a sign saying „You are invited“ or „You’re invited“. Have this picture printed on the outside of your wedding cards. Inside then follow the details of the wedding itself.eines oder mehrere schöne als Paardabei ein Schild, auf dem beispielsweise „Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen“ oder „You’re invited“ steht. Lassen Sie dieses Bild auf die Außenseite Ihrer Hochzeitskarten drucken. Innen folgen dann die Details zur Hochzeit selbst.

Wedding invitation very different

If you would like to move away from the usual etiquette, you can also make your wedding invitation completely different. Here are some funny ideas for your unique DIY wedding invitation:

  • Write the most important facts with a black fineliner on a champagne cork.
  • Design your invitation like a plane ticket. Scan an old plane ticket (or download one from the internet), enter the details of your wedding and have them printed as wedding cards. All you need is a simple graphics program, as it is already preinstalled on each computer.
  • Design your invitation as a message in a bottle. This idea is particularly suitable when you are marrying on vacation on the beach or near a lake.
  • Write the details on a miniature sheet, fold it very small and put it in a matchbox. As a special gag you can also order with a photo of you printed matchboxes in the network.